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To Pre or Not To Pre

The answer is...yes and no. TSA Pre✓® is every domestic traveler's friend when it works as promised. Here are the benefits as described on the TSA site:

The following airlines offer TSA Pre✓®:

  • Air Canada

  • Alaska Airlines

  • Allegiant Airlines

  • American Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

  • Hawaiian Airlines

  • JetBlue Airways

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Sun Country

  • United Airlines

  • Virgin America

  • WestJet

If you are eligible and approved for TSA Pre✓® you'll be given a Known Traveler Number that you should then add to all your frequent traveler loyalty account profiles. When you are issued a boarding pass, the TSA Pre✓® indicator will appear MOST of the time. If you have been selected for additional screening for whatever reason (groan) or you neglected to add your KTN number to your reservation you'll have to go through the regular security screening process at the airport.

I love TSA Pre✓® WHEN THE LINES ARE OPEN. That's not always a given...I've encountered closed Pre-Check lines on several occasions. I've also witnessed TSA officers directing non-Pre folks to the line in order to move traffic along more efficiently. And I've also been instructed to remove my shoes and laptop when clearly I'm supposed to be exempt from that. I always just do exactly what the TSA folks tell me to do, and so should you.

That reminds me of a funny story...attempting to bring a bag of LUSH bath bombs through airport security in Dublin...OH MY!

TSA Pre✓® is available to those folks who meet the requirements and apply online or in person, are approved after an interview and pay the $85 fee. Since you are a smart traveler, however, you should know that TSA Pre✓® is INCLUDED when you are approved for Global Entry, which is a program sponsored by the US Customs and Border Protection.

The Global Entry fee is only $100 and is reimbursed by several credit cards - IF you use the card to pay the fee. So for only $15 more - or FREE if you pay with a card that offers the benefit - you could receive all the benefits of TSA Pre✓® AND Global Entry.

Check out the benefits of Global Entry here: Global Entry Website

Now go dust off your passport and get ready to travel!

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