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Ain't No Tired Like Travelin' Tired

It's just a bit more than 24 hours after we left Dallas and we are safely tucked into our tidy Siena apartment. I'm SUPER PROUD that all my carefully researched plans worked out perfectly, and we made it here with only a little stress - and that was because I left my folder of travel plans somewhere in the Florence bus station. Our wonderful AirBnB host, Aida, helped us find an Internet Cafe and all is well again. I had everything saved and was able to re-print almost all the items we'll need. DOH!

I am once again amazed at the ease of getting around in Europe using only public transportation. We caught the bus from Florence to Siena and it was clean, comfortable, fast, and inexpensive. €15,60 for both of us - what a bargain! Anyway, we closed out the night with dinner and a beer overlooking Il Campo - the prettiest town square in Italy, and Siena's living room. Everyone brings their picnic and their puppies and enjoys the simple pleasure of catching up with friends after a long day. We were happy to be part of the scene tonight. And we were probably the scruffiest and most tired people holding up the wall at the bar - but who cares? It's Italy, and we're here. Wish you were, too.

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