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Thirteen Thousand Sienese Steps

As far as perfect days go, today was pretty much it. We awoke to a sunny 60 degree morning and headed out in search of the perfect espresso (me) and Dr Pepper (David - no such luck). After a quick breakfast standing at the bar in the cafe down the street, we enjoyed exploring the local agricultural co-op store, which turned out to be a great place to buy gifts. You're welcome, family! We ended up back there for lunch because the panini looked scrumptious. Today somehow ended up being all about food...and beverages. Perhaps that explains why it was so magnificent!

We took the Rick Steves city walk, which gave us a great overview of this wonderful city. As part of the walk we explored the Civic Museum, and climbed the stairs to its back loggia which offers sweeping views of the Tuscan countryside. Our cozy apartment was a welcome respite this afternoon from the afternoon sun. I enjoyed a LONG nap before the stroll back down Via Montanini and the Bianchi di Sopra towards Il Campo and beyond for dinner. (There might have been a refreshment stop on the way).

I am very grateful for two more days in this beautiful city.

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PS - This trip has been a really great test run for my new hip. David's Fitbit logged over 13,000 steps today so I think I'm doing fine!

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