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Hiding Behind Angels

There's a marching band outside my window on our final evening in Siena. It's made up of all kinds of people, all ages, and all ability levels. It appears they come together just to enjoy playing for the neighborhood and each other. How cool is THAT! And they have TWIRLERS!

Today we took the breathtaking "Gate of Heaven" tour of the Duomo. A guide led us up to the very top of the structure and explained how the craftsmen painstakingly put together every beam by hand. It was one of the neatest tours I have taken in Europe and I highly recommend it. It's not for those with physical limitations or a fear of heights - I have a little bit of both so I was apprehensive at first, but I managed ok. The amazing views were worth the climb!

After lunch we made our way to the home and Sanctuary of St Catherine. Siena's patron saint and hometown girl convinced the pope to return from Avignon to Rome. Pilgrims and popes alike have been visiting this place since 1464, and it does have a mystical feel. Plus there is a giant statue of Catherine in the courtyard welcoming her guests with outstretched arms. Dave and I felt the need to thank Catherine for her assistance last summer. When we visited Siena in June 2015, David was looking for work. I am certain it is no coincidence that shortly after our visit, David received a job offer from a school located just across the street from...St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church.

The afternoon was spent doing laundry and catching up on email (David) and napping (me). We enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner with jaw-dropping views at Il Pomodorino restaurant and then took one last stroll by Il Campo to round off our stay in Siena. While we are sad to leave, we are even more determined to return!

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Since I'm just getting around to posting this update on Saturday night, please know that all is well and we are happily settled into our Florence B&B. I have posted a few pics of the magnificent view on Facebook. Buenosera from two very happy travelin' teachers.

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