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A Tale of Two Temples

Our trip is winding down, along with our energy. Tonight we're in Madrid, enjoying a quiet evening at the Hotel Indigo after a day of travel. I've developed a bit of a cold so I'm taking it easy in a probably vain attempt to save some energy for the next two days. Nothing like limping to the finish line!

Two days ago we realized a long-held dream to visit the interior of Sagrada Famalia, Antoni Gaudi's grand unfinished Barcelona masterpiece. It's a work in progress, with a LONG way to go. Only about 20% was complete at the time of Gaudi's death in 1926. Since then, with breaks for civil wars and other disruptions, craftsmen have labored to complete Gaudi's vision based on his drawings and blueprints. The current architect claims that it will be finished in 2026, but I can't see how that is possible. But then again...I'm just a musician, not an architect. That's also why I don't have the right words to describe the basilica itself. It is quite simply the work of a genius and a highly evolved mind, and you MUST see it for yourself!

The same day as our visit, we found out our sweet puppy Wendy would need surgery to remove a large tumor that had attached itself to her spleen. There was a very real danger it could rupture if we delayed the surgery until our return home, so our house sitter and friend Bill took her in for the procedure. It seemed like a good time to visit Barcelona's cathedral while we were waiting for news. We had fond memories of the Cathedral from our visit in 2009, and especially enjoyed seeing all the ornately decorated side chapels. This time we discovered the Cloisters, an oasis of palm, orange, and magnolia trees, complete with a fishpond, trickling fountains, and a gaggle of geese.

After we left the Cathedral and headed into El Born for dinner, we received word from Bill that Wendy's surgery was successful. The vet was able to remove the tumor (along with her spleen) and it appears that no other organs were affected. We'll know more when the pathology report comes back in about a week. It appears all those prayers going up for our fur-baby were heard and answered. We are eternally blessed, and as always, grateful that you are on this journey with us. Night from Madrid.

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