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Free stuff from Sam's Club - and ULTA

Good afternoon! I've mentioned American Express Offers before - now is a good time to log into your card account and see if you have the Sam's Club Offer available. Scroll down to the bottom of the log-in page to "Amex Offers and Benefits" and look for this:

If you have it available on your account, be sure to load it onto your card and get ready to save a TON of money. Right now you can get a FREE Sam's Plus Membership just by using your linked American Express Card in-club to sign up for a new membership - spend $45, get a $45 statement credit. It takes about 15 minutes and is relatively painless.

As if that is not awesome ENOUGH - be sure you have followed this link in advance, fill in your email address, and receive a voucher for a bunch of additional goodies. The offer comes with free cookies, pizza, and various other discounts, but the kicker for me is the TWENTY DOLLAR GIFT CARD which can be used at Sam's or WalMart. HELLOOOOOOOO free money. My favorite kind...

If you already have a Sam's Club membership, don't despair. This offer comes around at least once a year. Also, don't let the clerk "renew" your membership - tell them you want to set up a completely new account. This was not a problem when I visited Sam's Club this morning since my membership had been expired for a few months.

Also, everyone should sign up for Ultamate Rewards from Ulta. Today I redeemed my annual Birthday Gift which is a full-size shadow from Urban Decay! In past years I have received a Christian Dior mascara and an Urban Decay primer. Not too shabby for free.

Have a great Sunday, friends!

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