I just love Kohl's....

October 2, 2016

Hat tip to Harlan at Out and Out


GIANT moneymaker at Kohl's until tomorrow night! Purchase Toastmaster appliances on sale for $16.99 and receive a $12 mail-in rebate via Visa Gift Card. The deal stacks with Discover cash back, United MPX Mileage App, Discover Deals, Kohl's Cash, and Kohl's Yes2You Points.




I ordered 5 (the limit) of each product:

I started out by clicking through the Discover Deals portal and chose Alaska Airlines miles to earn 4 miles per dollar spent. I paid with my Discover card since Discover is offering 5% cashback on "department stores" this quarter and I had already activated that offer on my account. I purchased a $500 Kohl's gift card using the United MPX app on my phone (using my Discover card) and earned 1500 United miles plus a 375 mile bonus for being a United Explorer card holder (you don't have to pay with the card...just be a card holder in order to get the bonus). 


And I earned $110 in Kohl's Cash to use next week, plus 578 Yes2You Rewards.


Are you confused? I get it. It's hard to follow. Here's a recap:


$480 back as Visa gift cards through Kohl's mail in rebate

$31.26 cashback from Discover 5% rebate

2500 Alaska Miles through Discover Deals Portal

1875 United Miles through MPX App

$110 in Kohl's Cash

578 Yes2You Rewards


I paid $625 for 40 appliances. I will keep a few of them, sell some on Craigslist and online garage sales, give some as gifts, and donate some to charity for the write-off.  If I decided to sell them all for $10 each I would end up making $286 free and clear BEFORE the miles and Kohl's Cash. Not bad for about an hour's work!


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