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Never again...until next time.

It seems every trip involves climbing on top of SOMETHING. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, but somehow I always forget about my balance issues, inner ear disease, terror of heights, and gimpy right leg when planning our ascent to the top of such-and-such fantastic tower, cathedral, dome, etc. Inevitably the views are worth the climb, but as I'm panting, limping, and telling myself "don't look down" 1000 times over and over again I vow this will be the last climb I make. Until the next trip, of course.

Today's climb was to the top of the Duomo in Milan. It's the third largest church in Europe, behind only St Peter's Basilica in Rome and Sevilla's cathedral. The church was built to hold 40,000 worshipers - Milan's population at the time construction began. In other words, the place is HUGE! I was thrilled to be up top - called the "terraces" - for an up close view of the 52 sequoia-sized towers representing the weeks of the year and the liturgical calendar.

Oddly enough, I was reminded of La Sagrada Familia. It felt very much like walking through a forest of jagged spires as we made our way through the roof terraces. Maybe the Duomo was one of Gaudi's inspirations? Who knows. At any rate, a visit to the Duomo terraces is not to be missed. Even if you're limping and terrified of heights.

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