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Thailand was not on my radar. When I started this whole "travel hacking" thing 5 years ago I was amazed at how many folks seemed to be obsessed with all things Asia. SO much talk about finding the next great redemption to Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Bangkok...I only half-listened since I was busy booking trips to Europe as often as our schedules allowed. We've been fortunate to visit most of the great European capitals, and also enjoy exploring second cities and less-touristed destinations.



According to, Bangkok was again the world's most-visited city in 2019, a distinction it has earned 4 years in a row. We'll be in good company - the city welcomes around 23 million international visitors yearly. I have been planning this trip since April, and it needs to come off flawlessly because it's a biggie. Yep, I'm taking THE PARENTS. We've discussed a trip in vague terms for quite awhile, but somehow never got around to making it happen until I retired from teaching and could travel during off-peak season. So next Tuesday, Mom, her husband Billy, and I will head to Southeast Asia. Billy spent quite a bit of time in Bangkok when he was in the Army, and his memories of the city inspired this trip. We'll also visit Siem Reap and the Buddhist temple complex at Angor Wat as well as the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. I'll fly home after a brief visit to Singapore, while Mom and Billy will fly home from Hong Kong.

Thailand Spreadsheet

We spent 690,171 loyalty points and $6166 on this 2 week trip. That seems like a lot...however, the majority of the cash was spent on airfare and private guides. Also, I am buying flights and accommodations for 3 instead of 2 so my totals are naturally higher. We are flying in Business and First Class on some of the world's best airlines, and I have applied suite upgrades to most of our hotel stays, so the accommodations should be luxurious as well. I am REALLY looking forward to our Qatar Q Suites flight, and my first ever Singapore Suites flight. Mom and Billy get to fly on Emirates and Cathay Pacific! I'm jealous!

Singapore Tickets

Don't feel too badly for me, however. I'll be drowning my sorrows in Dom and Krug on my Singapore Suites flight after dinner in The Private Room, Singapore's exclusive lounge for First Class customers at Changi Airport. I am always happy to answer questions and hear about your travels in our Facebook group Travel Talk by Two Travelin' Teachers. Happy travelin', friends!

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