January 1, 2020

Thailand was not on my radar. When I started this whole "travel hacking" thing 5 years ago I was amazed at how many folks seemed to be obsessed with all things Asia. SO much talk about finding the next great redemption to Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Bangkok...I only half-list...

June 26, 2019

Easy for me to say from the cushy confines of our suite at The Gritti Palace. I'm thinking back to all my visits...I loved it just as much when we were fighting off the mosquitos because we had to sleep with the windows open - no air conditioning at the cheap hotel by...

June 21, 2019

“What’s on your mind?” Facebook asks.

“The Last Supper,” I reply.

Leonardo painted this mural as a commission by the duke of Milano not in the church itself but in the dining hall of the adjacent Dominican monastery. There is a bit of wit in that situation: a painting of...

June 20, 2019

It seems every trip involves climbing on top of SOMETHING. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, but somehow I always forget about my balance issues, inner ear disease, terror of heights, and gimpy right leg when planning our ascent to the top of such-and-such fantastic tower, cath...

June 15, 2019

I may not recover. But then again I haven't looked back at past trips to see how much we spent to compare. Maybe it's not THAT much??!! HAHAHA!

Regardless, this trip is going to be fantastic. We will finally see DaVinci's "The Last Supper" in Milan, as well as compare t...

December 19, 2018

On Monday we're FINALLY headed to Rome! We had planned to spend Winter Break LAST year in Italy but my father was seriously ill and the timing just wasn't good...so I cancelled that trip. December 20, 2018 is our 10th wedding anniversary and it's finally a great time t...

July 7, 2018

You can't run from grief. I wasn't TRYING to run...but the series of frustrating events in the days immediately following my father's death sort of forced me to keep moving. There was no space nor time for grieving. So now, more than a month later and far from home I f...

June 24, 2018

Gifted wordsmiths and artists have been inspired by the breathtaking beauty of this place. I get it, and I'm in awe, too. Yet somehow I'm irritated that we can't find a place to park the car. Ronda and I are not getting along. What I thought were GIANT hills in Porto w...

June 17, 2018

Coimbra has sucked me in. I was trying not to like it because of the literal uphill battle...check out the hill we climbed today to visit the University.

 View from our apartment - University Tower in the distance

It's hard not to love everything about this town. The peo...

June 15, 2018

Our last full day in Porto gave us the opportunity visit the beautiful Sao Bento train station (our hotel is right in the middle of most of the great things to check out in Porto; we've only taken one cab ride and one on the funicular, and both of those occurred today)...

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We're Dave and Robin, and we love to travel for "freeish". We started this blog to share our travel stories as well as a few travel hacking tips. Robin is the miles/points guru and Dave manages the family finances. We are both public-school teachers and LOVE our jobs almost as much as we love travel!

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January 1, 2020

June 21, 2019

June 24, 2018

June 17, 2018

June 15, 2018

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